Chicago GMAT GRE SAT math tutor

Test Preparation Services:

  • Expert tutoring by a high scorer for the math sections of GMAT GRE PSAT SAT ACT
  • Diagnostic testing, planning and textbook advice appropriate for the student level, goal score and time to the exam
  • Strategies for Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving: picking numbers, answer back substitution, answer estimation, trap answers, answer choice elimination ...
  • Training time management for computer adaptive tests (CAT)
  • Personalized instruction and detailed overview of the math reqired by standardized tests: arithmetics, number properties, algebra, geometry, coordinate geometry, percents, ratios, work rate and mixture problems, statistics, combinatorics, probability, overlapping sets ...
  • Providing a vast supply of official and unofficial paper tests and CATs
  • Parallel problem solving demonstrating the fastest methods and shortcuts
  • Super-sets of intermediate and high-level problems for high-score training
  • Textbooks: Princeton Review, Kaplan, Barron's, Manhattan GMAT/GRE, Veritas, Nova, GRE Big Book, Official GMAT/GRE Guides

From my tutoring experience, most students need close supervision when they study from the prep textbooks, otherwise they would cover the material at insufficient depth and detail. That is one of the main reasons that many students fail to reach their target score even after a course with an esteemed prep company like Manhattan or Veritas. That is why, I designed my own lessons containing the relevant facts and key example problems. I go over the lesson making sure the student is able to solve every problem in it. For a good score, the student needs to solve many problems by himself/herself. I give homework sets drawn from prep books or official exams. For high-scorers, I offer Super-sets consisting of intermediate and high-level problems. For training time-management I give timed paper tests or CATs.

My qualifications in brief:

  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Phyics, 2010, University of Chicago
  • 5 years College Math Tutor at the University of Chicago
  • 15 years overall tutoring Math at high school and college level
  • 800 (maximal) score on the quantitative (math) section of GRE
  • 50 (above 93%) score on the quantitative (math) section of GMAT

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